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We specialize in evangelism booths at fairs and festivals. Our booths are often one of the most popular, everyone has fun, and we proclaim the complete gospel. We provide free Bibles and other literature, typically hand out thousands of tracts, and engage people in conversations, answering their questions and proclaiming Jesus. We prefer to partner with local bible churches, but most of our booth outreaches are our own efforts.

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Sharing The Good News

There is no conflict between science and the Bible. Learn the facts. Learn the truth. You'll find God's Word is the truth and the facts of science are 100% in agreement.

More About the Science Pastor

Dinosaurs speak in the first person to set the record straight on creation and the "Great Flood," and share about Jesus.

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Our online training web site. (Currently being updated.)

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Answer today's important questions. (aka

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The four questions everyone want's answered. Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going when I die? (What happens when I die?)

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Proclaiming the gospel in Cannon Beach. Showcase God's glory through photos of Cannon Beach's Haystack Rock and the nearby beach, plus visitor information.

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