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MTA - Evangelism

Reaching People Where They Gather

Our Booths At Fairs & Festivals

We specialize in evangelism booths at fairs and festivals. Our booths are often one of the most popular, everyone has fun, and we proclaim the complete gospel. We provide free Bibles and other literature, typically hand out thousands of tracts, and engage people in conversations, answering their questions and proclaiming Jesus. We prefer to partner with local bible churches, but most of our booth outreaches are our own efforts.

We have available materials and supplies to do a 10x20, or 10x15, or two separate 10X10 pop-up tent booths. We also can do indoor booths that do not require a pop-up. We can supply the pop-ups, banners, tables... everything needed for a booth except the volunteers. We ask that the sponsoring church supply volunteers to staff the booth at least 50% of the time. We will supply the books and materials that are given away the first time a church sponsors a booth. Following that we ask that the church purchase those materials. However, those materials must meet Biblical standards. We DO NOT preach a gospel of, "you have a hole in your soul," nor one of "ask Jesus into your heart" as neither of these are Biblical.

Booth Types

We have five booth themes available:

  1. Touch Real Dinosaur Tracks
  2. Cover the Spot (Carnival game)
  3. Photo With A Velociraptor
  4. Three Things God Can't Do
  5. The Good Person Test

In addition we have setups for apologetics booths designed to answer questions, and we have two setups for creation booths. Our creation booths feature museum quality exhibits, including the Lucy fossil, dinosaur egg replicas, supposed human "evolution" skulls (proving evolution never happened), life-size dinosaur replicas, and real dinosaur tracks. As always, the message of our creation booths is the gospel, and they teach a six day creation, 6,000 years ago.

We also have the materials and banners to include CEF style wordless book face painting in any of our booths.