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MTA - Our Dinosaurs

Our Dinosaurs Work Hard

And Everyone Has A Lot Of Fun

We do have a lot of fun with our dinosaurs. They come to our outreach booths, join us in teaching kids about creation, and they have even attended pastor's conferences. We have a full-size raptor who looks a lot like "Blue" from Jurasic Park, and one of the favorites is a full-size (juvenile) T-Rex. Some how do these dinosaurs glorify God?

The dinosaurs attract people and lead to conversations about the gospel. It seems like everyone loves dinosaurs, and they bring crowds to our fair and festival booths. We give everyone a dinosaur souvenir with the gospel, and in many cases are able to talk about Jesus and the gospel. We are able to talk toi so many people that, at times, some volunteers start losing their voices from constantly having conversations. Other times we've had to put the dinosaurs away because they were drawing too many people and we did not have enough volunteers.

Dinosaur Fossils

In addition to the dinosaurs, we use a lot of dinosaur fossil footprints, also known as dinosaur tracks. For dinosaur tracks to be preserve require very unique conditions that only existed during Noah's flood. We use the tracks in our booths, online, and when teaching kids to show them the flood was real. In addition we have created molds of several of our better tracks that we use to produce plaster casts of the tracks that have the gospel engraved on the back. So we have dinosaur tracks that are tracts.

Dinosaurs For Jesus

One of our web sites is in which dinosaurs, speaking in the first person, answer questions and talk about the gospel. It's fun, and it clearly delivers important truths from scripture.