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These are books published by Move to Assurance. We offer free PDF and MOBI (Kindle) versions of our books. Printed copies are available on Amazon. In addition, reduced price printed copies may be available at our booths at times. Information about installing a MOBI file on your kindle is available through the Lifewire (tap here).

Mrs. Bartlett and Her Class

A true story about an amazing woman. Mrs. Bartlett attended Charles Spurgeon's church. She was a prayer warrior and evangelist who led many to Christ.

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RUN! It's Jesus Calling

One of the most dangerous books on Christian selves is the Jesus Calling devotional. Find out why you should throw away this false devotional.

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The Presence of God

A commentary on Esther. But not your ordinary commentary. This is a nail-biting story in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

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Happy Are The...

A commentary on the Beatitudes. Jesus reveals how you can be blessed through the gospel.

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Sarah Young's Jesus Always Exposed!

The sequel to Jesus Calling is a devotion called Jesus Always... another book that teachs New Age mysticism that all Christians (and non-Christians) should avoid.

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Did God Really Say?

This is the book that answers every humanist accusation against the Bible as presented on the American Humanist web site.

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