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MTA - About Science Pastor

The Harmony of Sciene & the Bible

There is No Conflict, There Are Answers

The purpose of our Science Pastor ministry is to make the truth about science readily and easily accessible to Christians. The goal is for Christians to know that when it comes to science, there are answers. And those answers do not conflict with a plain reading of scripture.

Six Days, Six Thousand Years Ago

The focus of the "science vs. Bible" debate is the first 11 chapters of Genesis, and in particular creation and Noah's flood. So the majority of our Science Pastor focus is in that area. There is already a massive amount of Bible-based information available on the web. So instead of recreating what others have done, the Science Pastor web site provides a topical directories to help you find the information you need.

Topical Indexes

The web is packed with excellent Biblical information, but it can be difficult to find the answers you need. The Science Pastor web site provides topical indexes to help you find the information you need. For those interested in videos, many of the indexes are for videos only. The indexes are continually increasing as more links are added.

30 SECOND Videos

Among other videos we have produced over 80 short videos that are available on the Science Pastor web site. These are designed for a variety of uses such as conversation starters in Sunday school classes or Bible studies. The videos primarily focus on creation and the flood, but there are some that address other Bible related topics. Each video has an associated web page with additional information and links to other web pages with still more information.

Answering Humanists

Humanists throw everything they have at the Bible trying show it is unreliable, contradictory, and full of myth stories. We went to the American Humanist's web site and answered every accusation and claim they make against the Bible. Over 180 attacks answered taking over 80 web pages. Yes, there are answers.