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Pioneer Court House Square Outreach

This week there was a team of seven (photo above) at Pioneer Courthouse Square. It was pouring rain as we drove to Portland,
but the rain stopped and the sun came out (in part) for the entire time we were there. People were much more receptive.
Except for a few odds and ends, we all ran out of tracts in less than 90 minutes.
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Pioneer Court House Square Outreach
We were on the outside of the square and on the inside of the square. Some people were offered tracts multiple times.

Pioneer Court House Square Outreach
Handing out the Ten Commandments coin. It was very popular.
Probably 8 of 10 people took one.


Photo to left: the young man to the right (colored things hanging from his jacket) read the cartoon tract, tore it in half and tossed it over his shoulder. (That's the actual tract he tore.) The other young man looked at the tract, and then placed it in his back pocket.




If you'd like to hear an audio sample of some of what was
said during various times we were there,
click on this link. This is roughly a two minute montage.
(It may take a moment for the audio to load and play.)

Pioneer Court House Square Outreach

Pioneer Court House Square Outreach



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