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Dickinson State University

The above photo shows one of the groups in the Beaverton Celebration parade. Read the above banner... "Jai Jagannatha, Lord of the UIniverse." What do you think God thinks about that banner? What do you think about that banner?
They have the legal right to worship whatever god they'd like to create, and a right to announce that worship in a parade.
But, they will face God and be judged when the die. Has anyone told them about the true Lord of the universe?
Was anyone in this parade proclaiming the name of the true Lord of the universe?
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Beaverton Celebration
Beaverton Celebration
The camera batteries died shortly after we began handing out tracts (about 30 minutes before the parade started).
So I don't have many pictures. We handed out about 1,200 tracts during about a two hour period.
The photo below (to the right) shows the Beaverton Farmer's Market, which happens every Saturday
In the same area as the parade.
Beaverton Celebration Beaverton Celebration


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