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MTA -2010 Annual Report

The following is from our 2010 Annual Report, published on March 31, 2011. Printed copies are available by emailing your physical address to us.

Move to Assurance is a 501(3)c ministry supported by your donations. We are grateful for the supporters God has provided. Thank you!

The following are our financial guiding principles: we will handle our finances in an open, transparent way, based on Biblical stewardship principles and in a manner that glorifies God.

2010 was a year of growth and change for MTA. God expanded our ministry both within the U.S., as well as in other countries. The Lord provided all we needed, even providing for the surprises in 2010.

2010 Support Received: $13,494.71
2010 Expenses: $21,660.12
Net ( $ 8,165.41)
Carry Over from 2009 $ 8,653.39
2010 Year-End Cash Balance $ 487.98

At the end of the year we had a $400 obligation in support that need to go to missionaries, but had not been sent yet. So our actual final balance of available funds at the end of 2010 was $87.98.

How God’s money was used in 2010

Missions Outside the U.S. 77.8%
U.S. Evangelism 7.2%
Discipleship (U.S.) 5.5%
Video Production 2.5%
Web Sites 2.0%
Overhead 5.0%

Notes: In 2010 we had no expenses for fundraising, salaries, internet access, office, travel within the U.S. or phone. Overhead was higher than normal as a result of the expenses resulting from the change in our name and because we purchased a new printer.

MTA Ministries

To summarize the ministry of Move To Assurance: we do evangelism, discipleship, training and we serve others - wherever God calls us to go.

Foreign Missions: Our goal is to equip and assist local ministries to reach the people in their country. We are also working to develop/translate resources for use in evangelism and discipleship. In 2010 we primarily were working in Russia and Indonesia.

"My Name will be great among the nations."- Malachi 1:11

Evangelism: We are directly involved in street evangelism, internet evangelism, personal evangelism, preaching and sharing the gospel in any location.

Another major part of our evangelism ministry is to encourage, train, equip and lead others in going out to share the gospel. In the U.S. we are currently working with and training people from five churches.

Although the major portion of money went to missions in 2010 , the majority of our time went to evangelism -- proclaiming with your mouth does not cost many dollars.

Teaching & DVDs: In addition to teaching evangelism we have an apologetics ministry designed for strengthening believers. We teach about Genesis, other religions and spiritual growth. Our main focus is Genesis because understanding Genesis is the foundation for understanding the gospel, and it is the #1 target of our secular culture.

"always be ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you." - 1 Peter 3:15

Our discipleship ministry: it is hard to separate training from discipleship, as discipleship includes training. In addition to training we supply materials such as DVDs, books, tracts and tools for evangelism. In 2010 we shipped these throughout the U.S. as well as to Russia, India, Mexico and Indonesia.

We feel this is a critical part of our ministry. Other countries do not have the resources we have in the U.S. Particularly resources for new believers. For example, in Russia John MacArthur’s ministry is training pastors and translating the books pastors need. But there are few resources for the believer in pew. Our dream and prayer is that we might provide a few of the books, videos and other resources that believers hunger for.

Serving: This area is difficult to describe because it is more of an attitude than a set of specific tasks. Our desire is that we always have the attitude of a servant and that we lend a hand to do what we can when we see someone in need.

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve...." - Mark 10:45

This column provides supplemental information to the information included in our printed annual report (the column to the left.)

In 2010 over 25 Move To Assurance volunteers shared the gospel with an estimated 220 people and shared tracts with over 7,500 people.

We do not keep records showing how many became Christians as that is in God's hands. However every now and then we are blessed to be present when God saves someone, or we receive a note from someone who began trusting in Christ. For example, in 2010 we received an email from Sergy in Russia.

I had shared the Gospel with Sergy during a trip to Russia in 2006, and had left him with a Bible. I had also given him my email address. Out of the blue I received an email from Sergy in August 2010. He had been reading the Bible all that time and had become a Christian.

Additional Notes On Our Financial Information

Missions Outside the U.S. - We operate on a cash accounting basis. For 2010 that resulted in the number for Missions Outside The U.S. being higher than normal because the airfare for a January 2011 trip to Indonesia was purchased in in October 2010.

The number for Missions Outside The U.S. includes two short term trips for which our expenses were just the airfare: Russia in October 2011 and Indonesia in January 2011. It also includes support for full-time missionaries in Russia and Indonesia.

The Missions Outside The U.S. budget also includes the costs for discipleship materials we send to other countries as a part of our follow-up after returning from a trip.

U.S. Evangelism - This part of our budget is spent mostly for gospel tracts and Bibles. It also includes the cost of postage for mailing tracts. A small part of it is used to supply things such as water for our evangelism volunteers on hot summer days.

Discipleship (U.S.) - A major portion of our discipleship ministry involves providing books, DVDs and CDs at no cost. The types of materials we supply include Randy Alcorn's Why Pro Life? and Ray Comfort & Kirt Cameron's "The School Of Biblical Evangelism" and a textbook called "Science vs. Evolution." And, of course, we provide Bibles. Our normal inventory of Bibles includes English, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic versions. We are adding Chinese in 2011.

Our discipleship ministry also involves significant one-on-one discipleship, and includes preaching and teaching. There is no financial cost to MTA associated with this.

Video Production - In 2010 the Age Of The Earth DVD was completed. We distributed about 200 free copies of our all our videos combined. Distribution was limited by our ability to make copies, which was a one-by-one manual process. In 2010 we acquired a new computer printer that has the ability to also print DVD and CD disks. This made producing DVDs faster and easier.

In 2011 we acquired a disk duplicator that allows us to automatically and rapidly copy disks. Now that we have a printer and a disk duplicator by the end of March 2011 we had already given out twice as many DVDs as we did in all of 2010.

We do have a need for a new video camera, and pray that - Lord willing - we'll be able to obtain one in 2011.

Web Sites - We were able to get the new MTA web site, that you are at now, online in 2010. We have six other web sites that need upgrading that we've not had time to work on in 2010.

The costs for our internet ministry include domain registration fees, hosting costs and costs for purchasing stock photography.

Overhead - All of our overhead is covered by our volunteers paying their own expenses and using their own materials. Our phone service is provided free by Google Voice (there will be a fee for Google voice starting in 2012.) Postage is covered by a donation of over $900 in postage that we received in 2009.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths." -- Proverbs 3:5-6

Salaries - All staff are self-supporting. We do not pay salaries nor provide compensation of any kind. Everyone at MTA is a volunteer who raises their own support.

Past newsletters and current MTA news are always available here.

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